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Art and Architecture 6P

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Art and Architecture 6PArt and Architecture 6P 

                                Art and Architecture




   Group Members: Nicole I., Hannah G., Taylor I., Olivia L., Emily C.



       THE ARTS:


          The Middle Kingdom had improvements in art. The walls of the tombs and temples were covered with colorful pictures of daily life and of gods and goddesses. Sculputors created big wall carvings and statues of the pharoahs.They made them look like ordinary people instead of looking like gods. Some paintings were used to help those who died, to live an eternal life with the gods. Egyptians used bright colors to show their work. They used bright blue, red, orange, and white. Egyptians use natural minerals to make their paintings. They made brushes out of sticks, wood, and frayed ends. To make their paintings, first the artist would sketch the picture on a piece of pottery. Then if it was perfect, they would use charcoal to draw it on a wall.  The painter would fill in all of the carved drawings with bright colors.


          In homes, temples and palaces, floors were painted to look like pools. Ceilings were painted to shine like the sky. They used geometric and floral designs as borders.


             A lot of people think that Egyptians painted the same way all the time. In the Old Kingdom people put a lot of time into their work. In the Middle Kingdom the artists made their work messy, and made a lot of curves. In the New Kingdoms they painted events that happend or will happen. They painted on the walls of new temples.












                                                  Pyramid Use:


             From the day a pharoah was born, they started to work on a pyramid. Pyramids were like tombs. There were different parts of a pyramid. It usually took a long time to build it. Family and friends would gather for the pahroah's burial ceremony at the temple. Friends and family members brought gifts to the pharoah's burial chamber. Pyramids were built so bodies were not stolen or flooded away. It also kept animals out. Before the pharoah goes in the tomb, he needs to be mummified. The mummification process is when they take out all of the pharoahs organs, but they leave the heart. Then, they fill it with oils, and spices.( For example cinnamon, so it smells good.) Then they wrap it up with jewels people gave as gifts. The only reason  they do the mummification process, is because they believe that if the sun god Re, judges him good, he will live in paradise for eternity. To do this they had to perform several spells and prayers from " The Book of the Dead."

Resource- www.jat.glencoe.com



 This is a video about art and architecture of Egypt. Take notice of the paintings and the hieroglyphics in this video. Art was very important to Egytian societies.



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                     Please read about the






     Tombs : 


   Before pyramids, tombs were used to bury the bodies of pharoahs.It was filled with many things that the pharoah might have needed.On the tombs, there was a carving of the person who owns it. There were different rooms in the tombs. They included furniture, paintings and writings. The tombs were filled with all kinds of traps.






                                                        Here is an ancient tomb







     Egyptian architecture was the most important of the ancient arts.It combined form,time, beauty and use.Acient Egyptian Architecture was first used to decorate tombs and the outside of homes.Stones for building were expensive for homes.  It was a luxary preserved for priests and Kings.Houses were mostly made of mud, with some fancy woodwork.The roof was made out of strong,flexible trunks from palm trees. There was a wall around the house,with a court that had steps leading to the roof for the tenants to pass down to the rooms. 

     In the house, the walls were hung with colored matting. The flooring, if the master could afford it, were covered with rugs. People sat on their rugs, instead of chairs.Like the Japanese,Ancient Egyptians squatted at their tables and ate with their fingers. Pharoah's sat on cushioned chairs. Servants would serve them course after course.


                            Take a look at the Architecture:







                          More Architecture and Some other Pictures that 

                          were found in Egyptian Societies: 








             This picture below is of a

             sculpted Egyptian vase.                     A work of art.








        The  Egyptians were the greatest builders in history. They were great sculptors.

Sculpture was very well known with the Egyptians.They are known for some of the most famous sculptures in the world.  The Great Pyramid,and the Temples of Thebes were some of the best known. The Ancient Egyptians were very skilled workers. They were very detailed in their work. They produced magnificent art.





       Below is another video about art and architecure. Take a look at some of the Egyptians paintings. There are nothing like them in the world.

                             PLEASE ENJOY THE VIDEO!


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     Similarities and differences between Ancient Egypt and Todays Society:


          Western culture today has used many of the Ancient Egyptian techniques.  In many homes and buildings, we see the Egyptian influences through tapestries, carpets, and mosaics.  Building structures, temples, and sculptures include stone columns and stone statues.  The Ancient Egyptians were known for using bright colors which are now seen in many art forms of today.

          Our art work today, displays everyday life and is not focused on only rulers and great leaders. Their architecture was dedicated to protecting the afterlife for pharoahs and rulers. While we have used some of their style in  architecture today, our works are used for businesses and for people to live in.  We focus on everday life.  



 Vocabulary Words:

Felucca- long, narrow ship with oars, rigged with lateen sails, often with three masts, used for voyages along the coast in the mediterranean and red seas.


Fellahin- a peasant or laborer in egypt and other arabic - speaking countries.


Frayed- to cause to seperate into threads, make ragged or worn along the edge.


Khamseen- an oppresive hot, southerly wind that blows from the Sahara toward Egypt of Israel usually in spring and early summer.


moulid- an egyptian festival at a tomb site.


sarcophagus- a stone coffin, especially one ornamented with sculptures or bearing inscriptions.


Sphinx- in Egyptian mythology, a creature  with the body of a lion and the head of a man, ram , or

hawk. A large statue of this creature  in Giza, Egypt.


Tapestry- fabric whose weft is woven in a picture ornamental design used as a hanging on walls, and furniture covers.  










 Journey across time:  The early ages





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