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Science - Technology Team 1

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Science - Technology Team (list member first names & last initial)


  • Andrew O.    Joseph V.    Eddie M.   Stephen T.   Christopher P.


  • Astronomy - is the study of stars, planets, comets and the universe as a whole.
  • Mummification -  is the process of making a mummy. 
  • Mummy - body that has been embalmed and wrapped in linen.
  • Embalming -  process developed by the ancient Egyptians of preserving a person's body after death.
  • Papyrus - is the reed plant of the Nile Valley used to make a form of paper.
  • Heiroglyphics -  system of writing made up thousands of picture symbols developed by the ancient Egyptians.
  • Canopic - relating to or being an ancient Egyptian vase, urn, or jar used to hold the viscera of an embalmed body.
  • Viscera - the soft internal organs of the body.
  • Decons - 36 groups of Ancient Egyptians star-gods or constellations.  The brightest and most important decon was Sirius.

                                                                                                         Imhotep Imhotep              Aslepius                  






         The Egyptians believed that there was a God of Medicine named Aslepius. The first egyptain medicine scroll was called the Ebers papyrus.  It was dated back to 1550 BC. It held over 700 surgical formulas that cured many different pains and injuries. It also gave a description of the circulatory system that is similar to the one we use today.


     The first medicine was developed by Imhotep in 2700 BC.  He was the chancellor of the king in lower Egypt. Imhotep wrote the Edwin Smith Papyrus which was a medical book telling how to treat different injuries. The Egyptians also had many different prescriptions.  One was honey and milk which was used to treat injuries. Some of the treatments shown in the papyrus are still used today.



 Edwin SmithEEbers PayrusEbers







       Egyptian Astronomy


           The Egyptians year was very similar to ours. It had 365 days and 12 months. The only difference was that that they had 10 days a week and 3 weeks a month. There were 5 added festival days honoring the gods added to the year.

          Then in 2400 B.C. the Egyptians made the first astronomical calendar. The Egyptians had 5 constellations. They also had 36 groups of stars callled decons. Some gods and goddesses were seen as constellation such as the god, Orin. Other gods and godesses were seen as astronomical bodies. Astronomy also helped in everyday life because every year the Nile flooded so the astronomers used the stars to figure out when the floods would occur each year.





         Mummification was started a long time ago.  It took about seventy days to embalm a person, so it was a very long process. This also was a very expensive process, so the Egyptians thought only the highest of the soical class could be mummified. This was also one of the most important science studies in Egypt because they learned a  lot about the human body during this process.  The Egyptians learned how to make the first medicines during mummification as well. After they took out the organs, they put them in jars called canopic jars. Each organ was placed in a separate jar. The liver was placed in the Imsety (human head ) jar. The lungs were placed in the Hapy (baboon head ) jar. The stomach was placed in the Duamutef (Jackel head) jar. The intestines were placed in the Qebehsenuef (Falcon head) jar. 




 Canopic jars                                   Mummy







          In Ancient Egypt, math was used a lot and it was a very important as a science and a technology. The Egyptians used math to create a calendar which is closest to ours today.  They also used math to make pyramids like we use math to make buildings today. They also made one of the most important math scrolls in history called the Rhind Papyrus. In this papyrus, we learn how to figure out many different mathematical problems. The Egyptians knew how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. In the numeral system, they used symbols as numbers.


The Rhind PapyrusRhind papyrus                       Hieratic NumeralsNumeral system



           Ancient Egypt's Science & Technology

       Today's Science & Technology


      Through our research we found that most of Ancient Egypt's science and technology was the start of today's science and technology. The calendar, medicine, surgery, mathmatics, building, and astronomy that were developed by the Ancient Egyptians can still be found today.




Click on the link below to play a ancient egypt computer game made by the science and technology group member Chris P.


  ancient egypt adventure.exe

  ancient egypt adventure 2.0.exe 

Ancient egypt adventure 3.0.exe      Readme.txt                                                                

Look for a secret treasure on version 3!


 Source: www.aldokkan.com/science/science.htm   Aldokkan

 Source:http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/numbers.htm The Ancient Egyptian Numer System

 Source:www.mos.org/quest   Ancient Egypt Science and Technology

 Source:www.si.umich.edu/CHICO/mummy/    Mummies of Ancient Egypt                                                               

Source:http://www.egyptologyonline.com/astronomy.htm  Egyptology Online

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Imhotep was the first egyptian to make medicine and medicine is science

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Hi Science/Tech Team!

I'm glad to see that you are adding your sources. Please include page titles along with the page address. We will be going over citations in computer class next week.

Mrs. Olsen

Mrs. Gallagher said

at 5:01 pm on Oct 12, 2008

The Egyptians knew very well how to embalm the body. What did they do with the body parts? Which of the body's parts did they think not important and discarded it?
Mrs. Gallagher

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Have fun!

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Miss Paduano said

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HI Team,

Here is a hint to Mrs. Gallagher's question. Try to remember the game we played in class where we needed to get the body ready for mummification. Think hard, you definitely know this!

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Steven if u go to egyptology .com it tells u wat a decon is

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Thanks, I found it.

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